Pig Party!

This Friday, cram into the decidedly cozy space that is New York City for “Pig Party,” an exhibition curated by Gina Beavers. A bit of explanation is in order: New York City, located in New York City, is a gallery space run by Jamie Sterns (also of Envoy Enterprises) and Andrew Russeth (of The Observer.) “Pig Party” refers to the frat film Animal House–namely, a party in which everyone vies to bring the ugliest girl along. In Beavers’s adaptation of the term, every artist promises to contribute their shittiest, wonkiest, most ill-thought-out, hapless, and otherwise regrettable work. Some of the well-known talents who are exhibiting their execrable art mistakes include Natalie Frank, Daniel Heidkamp, Joshua Abelow, Ryan Schneider, Sam Moyer, Scott Hug, and Tamara Gonzales. There will also be a ‘capitalist pig’ pinata, so all of you members of the 47% moocher class can come take out your aggression against the job creators.

New York City is located at 83 Bowery, 2nd floor. The opening is Friday, September 21, from 7-9PM; the gallery is open Saturday and Sunday, 1-7PM, and Wednesdays, 6-9PM. We haven’t confirmed whether these unlovable works are for sale, but if they are, we’re guessing that they’ll be available at bargain prices.