Yeah We Friends And Shit

You’ve got until September 8 to catch the group show “Yeah We Friends And Shit” at New York’s Josee Bienvenu Gallery. Artists include Ryan Schneider (above), plus Austin Eddy, Anton Ginzburg, Andrew Kuo, Marti Cormand, Natalie Labriola, Devin Troy Strother–spotlighted in our May issue–and others. A few more images after the jump.

Ken Solomon, who makes seriously excellent work culled from degraded electronic images and mundane YouTube screenshots.

Austin Eddy. The title of this work (“I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It”) makes this the hands-down best Katy Perry-inspired cardboard-on-canvas work in history.

A detail of one of the larger works by Devin Troy Strother, “We Like Grids and Shit.”

An oil-on-clay sculpture by Marti Cormand. There are a number of these crushed butts available, all sold separately for about what a heavy smoker in New York City would spend in 4 months. (Quit now, buy art!)