100 Headless Women

Despite what it may look like, the image above is not a marker-defaced Richard Kern spread from a recent issue of Vice magazine. Its an installation shot of “100 Headless Women,” Maxwell Snow‘s exhibition at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts in New York. The artist (who is the brother of the late Dash Snow) is the subject of a recent New York Times profile in which he dishes on the de Menil family (“like a pack of wolves that eat their young”) and his own mental state (“maybe at the moment I have less demons or monkeys on my back.”)

Now, one would think that any artist choosing to exhibit photographs of nude women whose eyes have been marred by black bars might want a pretty damn good back-up explanation in order to avoid charges of, say, pointless misogyny. Snow’s reasoning, according to the Times? “To protect their [the women’s] anonymity.” No comment.