Chelsea Shows Not To Miss During Armory

Take a breather from the Piers to swing down through Chelsea this weekend. You can hit up the Independent at 548 West 22nd…and then spend a few hours exploring the following Modern Painters-approved gallery shows.

Zak Prekop @ Harris Lieberman, 508 West 26th: Large-scale, playful, eclectic abstract works that somehow recall the like-minded spirit of Charline von Heyl. Untitled (Blue and Dark Blue), 2012, is pictured above.

Norbert Bisky @ Leo Koenig, 541 West 23rd: Okay, so some of us aren’t the hugest fans of Bisky’s paintings, we’ll admit it. But in this exhibition, entitled “Stampede,” the paintings are nearly overshadowed by the sculptural wreckage that turns Leo Koenig into a shitshow of wreckage and ruin (in the best possible way.) What appears to be an inflatable life raft is stuck in the corner and parts of the walls are broken. A warning sign on the front door urges you to exercise caution, i.e. refrain from tripping and impaling yourself on a stray metal railing. It’s like all the repressed rage of Armory Week and its crowds was allowed to run rampant here, gloriously destroying everything in its path.

“Kaleidoscope” @ C24 Gallery, 514 West 24th: Shannon Finley, Grazia Toderi, Canan Tolo, and Rob Voerman team up for a just-opened group exhibition curated by C24’s Executive Director, Kristen Lynn Johnston.

Ellen Berkenblit @ Anton Kern, 532 West 20th: We didn’t like this show at first. We still might not. But friends of ours, friends we trust–they were really into these weird painted witch figures, strutting around in high heels and puking pink ribbon. So do us a favor: Go see the exhibition and spew your own opinion down in the comments.

Michael Scoggins @ Freight + Volume, 530 West 24th Street: The sort of ironic, politically-charged cartoon drawings Noam Chomsky might have made when he was eight, blown-up and situated within a gallery context. Simple, thoughtful, hilarious.

Lauren Luloff @ Horton Gallery, 504 West 20th Street: There’s going to be a time when the use of fabric is totally played out in painting…but in our opinion, the conceit still has a good amount of life in it. Luloff’s “Recent Small Works” are made with oil paint, bleached bed sheets, and assorted fabrics. The thin nature of the “canvas” allows the wooden frame to show through each work. They’re like contemplative doodles in textile.

Terry Winters @ Matthew Marks Gallery, 502 West 22nd: Yes, Winters’s large paintings next door at the 522 West 22nd Street space are very cool, even if some of them don’t quite work for us. But the smaller accompanying exhibition, “Notebooks,” is a definite must-see. We won’t even bother trying to explain what they’re about (which might be because it’s 6pm on Friday of Armory Week and our brains are currently leaking, just a little bit, out of our ears.)