A Neck Would Be Good

Our April issue has a special focus on art education. We talked to about a dozen influential artists who teach in art schools across the world and asked them questions about art school, the importance of an MFA, and their experiences as artist-professors. Soon after we closed the issue, we got a copy of Paper Monument’s Draw It with Your Eyes Closed: The Art of the Art Assignment, which just came out. The material ranges from assignments, through memories, and up to reflections on the idea of assigning art in general, and it’s funny and fresh, like the moment Jillian Mayer describes:

5th grade.
10 years old.
My art teacher roamed the classroom observing our drawings of people. He advised me to add a neck to my drawing of a person, grabbed my pencil, and elevated the head of my figure. Fireworks went off and I had my first artistic epiphany. Yes, a neck can make one look fantastic.

See a collection of the assignments here.