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Peter Robertson Gallery Presents: “in the we manner”

In partnership with Peter Robertson Gallery we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works exhibited at the gallery by Clay Ellis on view from September 11 – September 30, 2014.

Clay Ellis, Bunkhouse / August Night, 2014, acrylic and polyurethane on canvas, 40” x 40″, image courtesy of the artist

Peter Robertson Gallery is pleased to present “in the we manner,” an exhibition of new painting and sculpture by Clay Ellis.

According to the artist:

“Reviewing work pulled out of storage is an unsettling experience. It is not my lingering on the reasons for the work being in storage that I find unnerving, but rather seeing it as an image of an earlier self. The potency of these encounters prompted this project which has occupied me for some time.

The exhibition “in the we manner” represents a mix of images, patterns, and forms derived from work, which for some reason, I have safeguarded. The pieces in the exhibition are perhaps more of a collaboration between present and past, than a remix.”

For more information about the exhibition, visit or email

Clay Ellis’ “in the we manner,” on display at Peter Robertson Gallery (12304 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) September 11 – 30, 2014.

Click on the slideshow to view more works by Clay Ellis.

Kathryn Hart at the Ateneo de Madrid

Internationally acclaimed artist, Kathryn Hart, will be featured for the second consecutive year at the Ateneo de Madrid (Museo del Prado), from October 1st to October 15th, and will be debuted in Paris at the Galerie Etienne de Causans, on view from October 7th to October 11.  Works will be selected from her current series, “Unapologetic Presence.”  The press release explains,

Eighteen Inches, 2013, 50×74x8 inches, mixed media, burlap and objects

“Her mixed media works seep with raw, personal history, exuding a sense of long, longing and an ultimate conviction in renewal.  New York City art critics have described her work as, ‘mired in matter, their power emanating from their very physical palpability and the artist’s unique way of imbuing the actual with its own transcendent mystery.  Humanoid-like beings are often sculpted and sutured into a surface smeared with sensuously tactile impasto, clotted paint and found objects in a manner at once funky and oddly elegant to reflect the human condition, all of its crags and crevices, what we want others to see and what we hide.’”

Unearthly Misfit, 2013, 45×51x5 inches, mixed media, burlap and objects

Click on the slideshow to see more works by Kathryn Hart

Gilda Oliver at Nina Torres Fine Art

In partnership with the artist Gilda Oliver we are pleased to offer a slideshow of the artist’s works being presented at Nina Torres Fine Art in Miami.  Please read on for more information:

Gilda Oliver, Elusive Care, 6 x 6 feet

Gilda Oliver is an internationally recognized artist and cultural animator whose projects integrate children and adults for community building. Her solo show “The Path”  at Nina Torres in Miami continues her journey in art – drawing inspiration from Kandinsky and Mondrian.  Abstraction recapitulates multiculturalism. The Nina Torres gallery promotes cultural exchange through contemporary art exhibitions. For  Gilda Oliver’s review in July/August 2014 issue -International Alternatives Investor’s Review Magazine follow link .  Fine Arts Magazine – 2014 issue

Gilda Oliver is represented by Nina Torres Gallery -Miami, Loveed Fine Arts- New York & 25Kadr gallery-Moscow-

Click on the link to view the slideshow

GALERIE KLÜSER at Art Basel 2014

In partnership with GALERIE KLÜSER we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works that the gallery will be presenting at this year’s Art Basel. The gallery explains:

Intensive co-operations with artists like Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, Tony Cragg and Sean Scully have determined the gallery profile as much as numerous exhibitions with Christian Boltanski, Mimmo Paladino, Julião Sarmento, Donald Baechler, Jan Fabre, Olaf Metzel and others. One man shows featured the oeuvre of more classic artists such as E.W. Nay and Francis Picabia, as well as the following generation i.e. Gilbert+George, Cindy Sherman and Stephan Balkenhol.

Since the opening of our additional exhibition space Galerie Klüser 2 in 2002 there has also been a rising focus on younger artists like Jorinde Voigt, Isca Greenfield- Sanders, Conrad Shawcross and David Godbold, who could be introduced successfully in one man shows, others debuted in group- or thematic exhibitions.

Since more than 30 years, we are publishing multiples and editions of internationally reknown artists. Numerous publications have been produced often in co-operation with museums.

The gallery is in existence sind 1978.

Installation view

Click on the slideshow to see more works from the gallery

Barry Frydlender on view at Andrea Meislin Gallery

In partnership with the gallery, we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works from Barry Frydlender’s most recent body of work Yaffo – Tel Aviv on view at Andrea Meislin Gallery through June 21, 2014. See the complete press release HERE.

Rehearsal, 2011-2014 courtesy of Barry Frydlender and Andrea Meislin gallery

Frydlender’s Yaffo – Tel Aviv features 8 large-scale color photographs created between 1998 and 2014 that illustrate the shifting and merging skylines of the cities of Jaffa and Tel Aviv. The exhibition marks Frydlender’s first exclusive look at the Israeli skyline since his solo-exhibition at MoMA in 2007.

Compressing 16 years into 6 brand new photographs seems a feat impossible to accomplish; except for Frydlender’s method.

Digitally stitching together moments and events from the view of his home-studio window with his camera lens, Frydlender constructs each image from hundreds of individual frames, which, ultimately, result in cinemascopic panoramas (a process measured in multiples of months).

Frydlender builds the pictures as the Israelis build their skyscrapers, to an extraordinary and thought-provoking end.

Click on the link to see more works in the exhibition.

Red Tape at Gazelli Art House

In partnership with Gazelli Art House we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works from the gallery’s current exhibition “Red Tape″ on view from March 14 – May 4, 2014. The gallery explains:

Stanley Casselman, Inhaling Richter #44-1, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 165 x 165cm

Until 4 May Gazelli Art House presents a diverse outlook on the crossover between classical fine art and new media. Red Tape features new works by New York-based artist Stanley Casselman (America) and London-based artist Hyo Myoung Kim (South Korea), drawing on the cyclical nature of creative input and output. By referencing the predecessors, the exhibition questions how far can contemporary techniques overtake and outweigh that which was created and explored in the past – is it all a matter of conceptual strength backing a familiar image, or do we require a complete break away from tradition and the mundane?

Click on the link to see more works from the exhibition

Steven Naifeh at Leila Heller Gallery

In partnership with Leila Heller Gallery we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works from the gallery’s upcoming exhibition “Steven Naifeh″ on view from March 27 – April 26, 2014.  The gallery explains:

New York, New York — Sreven Naifeh’s first solo show in New York City will be on view at Leila Heller Gallery in Chelsea at 568 West 25th Street from March 27 – April 26, 2014.  The exhibition will include paintings, wall sculptures and floor sculptures that blend the patterns and colors of traditional Islamic art with the shapes and minimalism of the Geometric Abstraction movement.  Additionally, LED light sculptures from Naifeh’s Uzbek series will be featured in the Gallery’s 11th Avenue Windows.  A fully illustrated catalogue with an essay by curator and Islamic Art specialist Heather Ecker will accompany the exhibition.

Click on the slideshow to see more works by Steven Naifeh

Magnificent Obsession: The Early Paintings of Ab-Ex painter Joann Gedney, 1948-1963

In partnership with Rox Gallery we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works from the gallery’s current exhibition “Magnificent Obsession: The Early Paintings of Ab-Ex
painter Joann Gedney, 1948-1963″ on view from March 7 – April 7, 2014.  The gallery explains:

IFAC and Rox Gallery are proud to present a selection of over 60 paintings and works on paper by the abstract expressionist Joann Gedney. This is the first time these works have been on public display since the 1950’s. The 1950′s ushered in an unprecedented wave of artistic convergence in New York City. Lured by the vibrancy of the East Village, the late painter and founding member of March Gallery, Joann Gedney (1925-2013), arrived in 1947 after graduation from Wheaton College and ultimately befriended many of the great artists who defined the Abstract Expressionist generation, particularly Milton Resnick who lived above her 8th street studio and Franz Kline, her first love, who lived down the block. A retrospective exhibition of this integral New York artist’s early work, 1948-1963, will be on view from March 7 – April 7 at Rox Gallery. Join us as we celebrate Joann Gedney’s “magnificent obsession”, and Abstract-Expressionist lyricism.

Click on the slideshow to see more works by Joann Gedney.

Jena Thomas at Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery

In partnership with Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works from the gallery’s upcoming exhibition, on view from Friday, Feb 21 – Monday, Mar 31.  The gallery explains:

Young new gallery artist at the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, Jena Thomas has earned accolades nation-wide for her colorful, expressive works. She was recently selected as the featured artist for New American Paintings’ MFA Annual Issue, was chosen as a finalist for the 2014 William and Dorothy Yeck Award, and received the Ruth Katzman Scholarship from the Art Students League of New York.

Jena Thomas, The Pool, 2013, oil on paper, 8 x 11 inches

Thomas’s work uses saturated hues and geometric shapes to document the convergence between the natural and man-made world. Her solo exhibition opens at the gallery on Friday, February 21st.

Please email for details.

Click on the slideshow to see more work by Jena Thomas

Jim Brickman’s ‘Starry Night’ In New York

“One of my favorite paintings is Van Gogh’s Starry Night,” says Jim Brickman, the songwriter, pianist, and wonderfully charismatic star of the adult contemporary scene, when we asked him to share a work of art that has affected him over the years. “The stars in the sky aren’t just glowing balls of light. I relate to the pulsating color that surrounds each one. The way they illuminate the night shows radiance that evokes a deep emotional response. The village below is unassuming, but I wonder if the people in the houses are aware of the brilliance above them? In my mind, they are each affected by the starry night in a different way. Like the painting, music has varying effects on each listener. My songs evoke calmness and relaxation for some, and candlelight and romance for others. Each is heartfelt and emotional. Like the stars, my simple melodies radiate with color and light taking the listener on a journey where they can escape the darkness or enjoy the mystery.”
Brickman arrives at the Town Hall in New York for a special holiday concert at 8pm on Thursday, December 12, joined by special guests (including irrepressible electric violinist Tracy Silverman.)  Tickets are still available! Additional tour dates continue across the United States.