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Weekend roundup, Day for Detroit edition

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Thanks again to everyone who made last week’s much-blogged and much-tweeted “A Day for Detroit” such fun. I’ve updated the list of blogs/websites that participated here. According to the Detroit Institute for Arts, y’all generated 1,400 tweets (and gawd knows how many RTs) that were seen by over 8.5 million people. Some other coverage:

Finally, the Detroit Free Press’ Mark Stryker has learned many of the details of Christie’s contract with the city of Detroit.

On this week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast: Elizabeth C. Childs discusses her new book “Vanishing Paradise: Art and Exoticism in Colonial Tahiti,” and Rimas Simaitis talks about his ongoing Indy Island residency at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. How to listen: Download the show. Subscribe to The MAN Podcast on iTunesSoundCloudStitcher or RSS.

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  1. […] here lately. Along with a couple dozen other websites and scores of Twitter users I participated in “A Day for Detroit” in August. Last month The Modern Art Notes Podcast spotlighted the DIA’s efforts to conserve […]

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