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  • Earlier this month Michael Govan and Peter Zumthor talked about their joint plans for a massively re-imagined LACMA. Here’s a Storify of their chat.
  • John Yau has a pretty fascinating take on Philip Taaffe’s recent show at Luhring Augustine. (Taaffe was the lead guest on Episode No. 78 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast.) [Image: Taaffe, Scribe, 2013.]
  • Speaking of John Yau: Philip Guston and Thomas Nozkowski? (Speaking of The MAN Podcast: Here’s Episode No. 68 with Nozkowski.)
  • LACMA curator Ilona Katzew muses on how the museum should/could be installing Latin American art — especially work of the last 100 years.
  • The object in MoMA’s collection most viewed online last week is a chair.
  • For the last month or so, Rhizome’s editorial program has been all about GIFs, which might be your thing.
  • It took four months for the Amon Carter to install this Sedrick Huckaby (sort of).
  • Jennifer Samet chit-chats with painter Julie Heffernan.
  • One of the most anticipated exhibitions of the fall is the LACMA/Santa Barbara Museum of Art/Pomona College Museum of Art John Divola retrospective. Jonathan Griffin advances the show by talking with Divola for Aperture.
  • If you’re one of the people who wants to save the William Pereira-era LACMA, William Poundstone thinks you’re just this side of nutso.
  • Metropolitan curator Keith Christiansen posted some fun pics from the re-installation of the Met’s European galleries here, here and here.
  • At ICP’s Fans in a Flashbulb, Francesca Teodori loves bicycles.
  • Greg Allen rounds up some killer JPEGs of Richard Serra at Gemini GEL.
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  1. Alex says:

    The power of Kanye West—he mentions Breuer in an interview and births a whole generation of design aficionados. Which is great!

  2. Alex says:

    Or was it a Le Corbusier that he mentioned? Either way, I feel like he’s got to be responsible somehow.

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