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Friday exhib: Charles Burchfield’s heavens

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This week’s Friday exhibition is “Charles Burchfield: Oh My Heavens” at the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo through August 4. The exhibition, curated by Tullis Johnson, Alana Ryder and Kevin Williams, includes Burchfield paintings and sketches that feature the skies above and the idea of heaven. About 20 images of works in the show are available here.

Charles Burchfield, Landscape with Grey Clouds (Heat Lightning), ca. 1962.

Charles Burchfield, Genesis, 1924.

Charles Burchfield, Cain and Abel, 1926.

Charles Burchfield, Untitled (Haloed Moon over Treetops), 1917.

Charles Burchfield, Orion and the Moon, 1917.

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  1. I love the many different styles of mr. Burchfield. It’s amazing how a single artist can excel with so many different drawing and painting techniques.

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