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  • I can’t match the headline to a jaw-dropping story by The Stranger’s Jen Graves:  “Charles Krafft Is a White Nationalist Who Believes the Holocaust Is a Deliberately Exaggerated Myth. What Will Happen to One of the Northwest’s Preeminent Artists—Whose Nazi Imagery Has Always Been Considered Ironic—Now That His Views Are Not a Secret?”
  • Christopher Knight looks back at the 1913 Armory Show and the (familiar) knee-jerk nationalism it prompted.
  • At the National Gallery of Art, a “temporary” installation of contemporary art was up for 20 years (until it fell down over the weekend).
  • The Archives of American Art’s Kelly Quinn shares a story about Alma Thomas, teacher.
  • SFMOMA offers up new images of their expansion design.
  • Awesome project(s): At the beginning of her ninth decade, Louise Bourgeois made this artist’s book out of 60-year old towels from her 1938 wedding.
  • In the WSJ, Joel Henning offers up a bizarre puff piece on the Art Institute of Chicago and director Douglas Druick. The best worst part is Henning quoting Druick saying: “[T]he big word for me is ‘access.’ That sounds trite, but it’s anything but. . . . We’re looking to make the collections more accessible outside and inside the walls of the museum.” Um, really!? The AIC charges up to $23 for admission. It costs a family of four $60-$80 to visit. Access for whom?
  • Speaking of which, just after Druick claimed he was all about “access,” the AIC announced it would offer valet parking for another $20 car. Makes it pretty clear for whom Druick is eager to provide access.
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