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The Modern Art Notes Podcast: Luisa Lambri

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This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features Luisa Lambri. Her work is in several shows on view across the country, including “Looking Out and Looking In: A Selection of Contemporary Photography” at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and “When Attitudes Became Forms Become Attitudes,” a Jens Hoffman-curated exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

Lambri is best known for photographs of and from the interiors of homes, pictures that use architecture to reveal light, space, detail and that refer to Lambri’s favorite bits of art history. She’s recently expanded her subjects to include artworks of the Light & Space movement, Donald Judd’s 100 untitled works in mill aluminum (1982-1986) and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, where she exhibited last year. Lambri’s work has also been the subject of solo shows at the Hammer Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and The Menil Collection.

Among the topics we discuss are:

  • Why for so many years she photographed only domestic architecture;
  • The ways in which she tries to make art history a subject of her photographs;
  • Her unusual work at the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House in Buffalo; and
  • Why the great Judd at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa was such a find for her.

On the second segment, The MAN Podcast continues its series on Richard Serra’s landmark earthwork Shift (1970-72), which is threatened both by exurban development near Toronto and by the failure of the province of Ontario to give it protected status. (An Ontario preservation board recently ruled that Shift has no heritage value to the community.) Shift is the contemporary masterpiece under the greatest threat.

The second guest is Joan Jonas, who was living with Serra when he was conceiving and then making Shift. Jonas talks about how a 1970 trip she and Serra took to Japan informed the piece, how Shift influenced her work — and how she may have influenced it.

Previous segments on Shift have featured Serra and curator and art historian Miwon Kwon.

Listen to the program: To download the show to your PC/mobile device or to listen in your browser, click here. Subscribe to The Modern Art Notes Podcast via iTunes, SoundCloud or RSS. Stream the program at MANPodcast.com.

The Modern Art Notes Podcast is an independent production of Modern Art Notes Media. It is edited by Wilson Butterworth. The MAN Podcast is released under this Creative Commons license. Special thanks to David Ross for his assistance with this week’s show.

For links images of artworks discussed on this week’s show, please click through to the jump.

Luisa Lambri, Untitled (Sheats-Goldstein House#14), 2007.

Luisa Lambri, Untitled (Sheats-Goldstein House#07), 2007.

William Henry Fox Talbot, Wrack, 1839. Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Alfred Stieglitz, Equivalents, 1927. Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Luisa Lambri, Untitled (Darwin D. Martin House #06), 2007. Collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo.

Luisa Lambri, Untitled (Barragan House, #31), 2005.

Luisa Lambri, Untitled (Schindler House, #01), 2007.

Luisa Lambri, Untitled (Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, #06), 2009.

Luisa Lambri, Untitled (100 untitled works in mill aluminum, 1982-86), 2012.

Luisa Lambri, Untitled (Orange Wedge #01), 2012.

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