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  • The Getty begins to reveal goodies from the trove of Mapplethorpes it shares with LACMA. [Image: Mapplethorpe, Lisa Lyon, 1984. Collection of the Getty Research Institute.]
  • The odd story behind Rembrandt cheese.
  • Celebrating some badass women on Tumblr’s Storyboard.
  • The Cleveland Museum of Art opens a satellite branch, reports Steven Litt in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. At least kinda, anyway: The museum will program the space six months of the year and two private collectors will program it the rest of the time. That’s a new one.
  • LACMA cleans a John Singleton Copley, complete with before-and-after pictures.
  • The Eastman House buys developer trays — sort of.
  • Greg Allen (convincingly) argues that a number of Robert Rauschenbergs are actually collaborations between Jasper Johns and Rauschenberg, and that at least one famed Johns is a collaboration too.
  • Julia Halperin noticed that a bunch of museums have been pulling all-nighters.
  • To celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Armory Show, MoMA’s blog Inside/Out is creating 1913-specific content here. Early highlight: A look at Kandinsky’s illustrated book Sounds with curator Starr Figura.
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