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  • Jonathan Jones speculates about the National Gallery’s ‘new’ Titian.
  • Jones also thinks art criticism is too fawning. Is it ever.
  • In the Daily Mail, Lewis Smith reports that LED lighting may be responsible for darkening yellow paint in some 19thC paintings.
  • Benjamin Sutton visits a Louise Bourgeois church in Provence.
  • The Buffalo News’ Colin Dabkowski offers a thorough introduction of the Albright Knox’s incoming director: Janne SirĂ©n. Apparently he’s the guy who thought the Guggenheim Finland was a good idea.
  • The Amon Carter Museum of American Art’s blog features the inventor of the infographic, whose ~1870 work looks a little Diebenkorny.
  • Who knew?: The Met has put up a tight little installation of Ingres drawings.
  • MoMA’s going all-in on the 100th anniversary of The Armory Show. First up: Curator Leah Dickerman talks about a key Boccioni in “Inventing Abstraction.” WNYC has joined in, producing a one-hour documentary called “Culture Shock 1913,” complete with its own (somewhat dormant) Tumblr.
  • At Creative Time Reports, an art collective in Pakistan is collecting the cell phone videos of migrants living in Karachi.
  • These interior shots of the renovated Rijksmuseum are holy-cow level.
  • A much-discussed artwork honoring labor and commissioned for a state building in Maine has been relocated to a Maine art museum.
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