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The Modern Art Notes Podcast: Henri Matisse

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This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Rebecca Rabinow. She’s one of the three co-curators of “Matisse: In Search of True Painting” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Pompidou’s Cécile Debray and Dorthe Aagesen of the Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen also worked on the show.

The exhibition is on view at the Metropolitan through March 17. Rabinow has worked on many Matisse-centric shows, including “The Steins Collect” and “Matisse: The Fabric of Dreams — His Art and His Textiles.”

Rabinow and I discussed:

  • Matisse’s habit of making multiple paintings based on a single idea, as revealed by “In Pursuit of Pure Painting”;
  • Why Matisse often used canvases of identical size to explore ideas over multiple paintings;
  • How photography helped him develop and show off how much work each painting required; and
  • Whether Matisse was inspired by cinematic techniques such as pan and zoom.

On the second segment of the show, UCLA art history professor Miwon Kwon talks with me about Richard Serra’s early earthwork Shift (at right), which is threatened by exurban development near Toronto. With Philipp Kaiser, Kwon co-curated the exhibition  “Ends of the Earth,” a survey of land art that debuted at the Museum of Contemporary Art and that’s now on view at the Haus der Kunst in Munich. The exhibition’s catalogue won the College Art Association’s Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Award, given annually to the top museum-exhibition catalogue.

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The Modern Art Notes Podcast is an independent production of Modern Art Notes Media. It is edited by Wilson Butterworth. The MAN Podcast is released under this Creative Commons license.

To see images discussed on this week’s show, click through to the Met’s excellent web pages on the Matisse show. Almost every painting in the show is available here. One image that Rabinow and I discuss that’s not in the show is below.

Henri Matisse, Marguerite, 1916. Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

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