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Friday exhib: ‘Irving Penn: Underfoot’ at AIC

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This week’s Friday exhibition is “Irving Penn: Underfoot” at the Art Institute of Chicago. The exhibition includes all of Penn’s close-up photographs of the Manhattan pavement, pictures which sometimes reveal abstractions — and which sometimes seem to reveal faces? The entire series is on the Art Institute’s website. “Irving Penn: Underfoot” is on view through May 12.

Unfortunately, the AIC has moved to make both exhibitions and art from its collection (such as all of the Penns in this exhibition) less accessible to the public: The AIC has just announced it is raising its admission fee to $18-23, further restricting access to its collections. When museums are for the upper-middle-class and up, as the AIC increasingly is, art loses.

Irving Penn, Underfoot VIII, New York, 2000.

Irving Penn, Underfoot V, New York, 2000-01.

Irving Penn, Underfoot XIV, New York, 2000.

Irving Penn, Underfoot XXII, New York, 2000.

Irving Penn, Underfoot XXXIII, New York, 2000.

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