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Carrie Mae Weems and the 2012 campaign

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In this month’s Modern Painters magazine, I mused on the bizarreness of numerous early Carrie Mae Weemses coming to life as the racist-right lashed out at a black president during the 2012 campaign, and linked that confluence to the influence Weems has had on the succeeding generation of artists.

And at the end, I note that Weems’ matter-of-fact approach to portraying racism seems particularly fitting right now:

Weems’s deadpan 30-year-old approach seems incredibly au-courant. When it comes to race in America, this is the age of Obama: His administration has not done anything to significantly impact the worst racial imbalances in public policy, such as the massive over-representation of African-American men in the prison system. Instead, Barack Obama has combatted racism and stereotypes merely by being assertively present. That hasn’t addressed structural racism in America, but it has obviously driven conservatives batty.

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