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Weekend roundup

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  • Gary Wills takes to the New York Review of Books to propose a post-Newtown/Columbine/etc. conceptual art project
  • Holland Cotter nails it in describing much of the last year in New York as slick, commercialist and thin, and the new Barnes as a sad, greedy money-grab. (Disappointing: Where was Cotter over the last half-decade when his strong comments on the Barnes could have been impactful? Also, Cotter revealed either an unwillingness — or more likely an inability — to travel no farther than Baltimore to see what else was going on in art. The NYT is a national newspaper when it comes to news, sports, business and so on. But it’s become a regional paper when it comes to art, which is sad)
  • That said, to really understand the undercurrent of Cotter, you must read Christopher Knight, in particular his second paragraph.
  • Shorter Roberta Smith: If it happens in NYC, be it fairs or commercialist galleries = good. If I have to leave town to see it, meh.
  • Sebastian Smee loves, loves, loves the new Yale University Art Gallery (As you know if you’ve been enjoying him tweet pictures from it. He’s a must-follow.)
  • On GalleristNY, Andrew Russeth looks at El Anatsui’s arrival in New York.
  • In the new Frieze, Silas Marti on Rodrigo Braga, a Brazilian artist whose works about and with animals are pretty gripping.
  • On this week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast: Ann Hamilton discusses the event of a thread, her new installation at the Park Avenue Armory and the program begins a series of looks at Richard Serra’s endangered earthwork Shift. Download the show, subscribe on iTunesSoundCloudStitcherRSS. See images of art discussed on this week’s program.
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