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Weekend roundup

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  • In the New York Times, Randy Kennedy reports on the striking lack of political engagement of most US art museums. (Kennedy quotes this MAN post on such, a post which praises the few museums which are admirably engaged with the world of which they are a part.)
  • The Washington Post’s David Montgomery chronicles how the group responsible for the Corcoran’s present and future is responsible for mess after mess after mess. That long under-performing group? The board.
  • Christopher Knight is at his best in explaining why the Robert Mapplethorpe X, Y and Z Portfolios on view at LACMA are flat-out great.
  • Speaking of ‘at his best,’ don’t miss Christian Viveros-Faune on a rich man’s trophy (at MoMA).
  • Roberta Smith on her last wander through Chelsea before Sandy hit. (For lots more on Sandy, follow me on Twitter. I’ve kept most of the Sandy-related material/links there because Twitter is a great way to share instant updates/tips.)
  • Sebastian Smee visits the Anthony Caro exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art and finds it exciting.
  • On this week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast: I speak with Jonathan Lasker and Shirley Kaneda, two painters in the exhibition “Conceptual Abstraction” at New York’s Hunter College Art Galleries. Download the show, subscribe on iTunesRSS. See images of art discussed on this week’s program.
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