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Friday exhib: “Conceptual Abstraction” at Hunter

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This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features two veterans of abstract painting: Jonathan Lasker and Shirley Kaneda. They’re part of the exhibition “Conceptual Abstraction” at the Hunter College Art Galleries in New York. The exhibition takes as its jumping-off point a 1991 show of the same title at Sidney Janis Gallery, a show that aimed to introduce a new generation of abstract painters to New York. The show at Hunter reunites the same 20 painters and includes one work from around 1991 with one recent painting. The show was organized by Pepe Karmel and Joachim Pissarro and will remain on view through November 10th. (Painter Valerie Jaudon has posted the catalogue for the exhibition on her website.)

Here are the ‘more recent’ works by five other painters in the show:

Lydia Dona, Urban Injuries, 2010-11.

Valerie Jaudon, Topos, 2009.

Thomas Nozkowski, Untitled (8-120), 2009.

David Reed, #576, 2007.

Philip Taaffe, Flowering Loculus, 2010-11.

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  1. sandi slone says:

    A terrific show by important artists whose work is as fresh and vibrant to the conversation today as it was 20 years ago. A great concept , wonderful panel, and lectures. Congratulations to all.

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