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Five thoughts from St. Louis

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  • The St. Louis Art Museum unveils its expansion at the end of June, 2013. This is pretty much the only view of the David Chipperfield-designed addition from which you can see the new Chipperfield. That’s intentional: Clearly Chipperfield and a landscape architect Michel Desvigne have decided against competing with SLAM’s iconic Cass Gilbert-designed building. (See below, right. Good decision: The Gilbert is one of the great Beaux Arts museum facades in America.) How important is the landscaping? Even during/after a brutal summer of drought, SLAM has planted the areas around the Chipperfield. From the exterior, it’s not an attractive structure.
  • But boy, oh boy is there every reason to look forward to SLAM being able to install more of its fantastic collection, especially its 20th-century painting collection, its Old Masters collection and its fine Asian collections. No American art museum has more (or better) Max Beckmanns, and for now the museum’s main gallery is installed with nothing but. Expect that installation to pass when the new building opens, but here’s hoping that the museum’s curators remember how fantastic it is. Especially this one.
  • Speaking of great paintings, I could spend all day in front of this Picasso Women of Algiers painting at the Kemper Art Museum. Speaking of great paintings at the Kemper, it’s really, really a shame it doesn’t have more space for its excellent collection.
  • I have never quite been on Team Gedi Sibony, but his installation at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts is entertaining, intelligent and just a little bit whimsical. This Sibony construction/accumulation was particularly… lifelike?
  • St. Louis should fix up Richard Serra’s Twain before SLAM re-opens. The city is America’s best place for Serras — and should act like it.
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