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Barry McGee: The tagger becomes the tagged

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In researching this week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast, I learned that there were ads for the Berkeley Art Museum’s mid-career survey of Barry McGee on many of San Francisco’s MUNI buses. So while taping the show I asked McGee, who has long been vehemently opposed to the intrusion of advertising in public spaces, what he thought of the ads. He chuckled, provided a detailed explanation of his thoughts on the corporatization of public space, and then told me that he’d quietly put out the word that it would be OK with him if  the ads were tagged.

As you can see in these pictures provided to MAN by a helpful tipster, they have been…

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  1. ALi Rza says:

    This post would be more interesting if it was a genuine tag and not someones hate. How is he a sellout if the ad is advertising his own work, and not compromised work for a corporate sponsor? AND he’s okay with people tagging on it…

  2. petalum says:

    awesome. i love it.

  3. anthony says:

    Damn… youth today who think they graffiti artists need to learn the history of the art and artists that did it the real way. From screws on the roof and one of kind faces. Much love for taking art and giving it a taste of Barry Mcgee. To u uneducated youngsters… don’t get it ”TWISTED”

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