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Revisiting Pollock’s ‘Mural’

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In a few weeks, Jackson Pollock‘s landmark Mural (1943, above, collection of the University of Iowa Museum of Art) arrives at the Getty Conservation Institute for around 21 months of treatment. After conservation, the painting will go on view at the Getty Museum.

Mural is one of the most-important paintings of the 20th century, an absolute blockbuster. Starting later this summer, The Modern Art Notes Podcast will feature regular updates from GCI conservators on the condition of the painting, what they’re doing to it and so on.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a two-part Q&A I did last February with scholar Pepe Karmel, who co-curated the Museum of Modern Art’s 1998 Pollock retrospective. In part one, Karmel explains why the painting is so important in Pollock’s oeuvre. In part two, we also discussed the painting more broadly, in the context of its time.

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