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  • Big news: Jackson Pollock‘s landmark Mural (1943, right) is headed from the University of Iowa Museum of Art to the Getty Conservation Institute for as much as 21 months of conservation work. That’s great for the artwork, but also think of the GCI’s initiative this way: It underscores the importance of the artwork in ways that make it harder for certain Iowans to try to deaccession it. MAN has spent lots of pixels on Mural over the years — it’s one of the two or three most-important post-war artworks — including this two-part Q&A with the co-curator of MoMA’s Pollock retrospective, Pepe Karmel.
  • Phyllis Tuchman reviews Roy Lichtenstein for Artes Magazine and loves the way the Art Institute of Chicago’s surrounding collection provides context.
  • At Gallerist NY, Matt Chaban looks at SOM’s design for Dia’s next Chelsea outpost and talks with SOM and Dia about the process. As for the design itself? So far it’s a snooze.
  • Two months = $175 in fundraising? I’m guessing this’ll be the last time someone tries to raise money for a major museum exhibition via this model.
  • Here in Washington, the local museums see themselves as substantially apart from the community. In LA, the Hammer will fix your bike and then let you ride it around the museum courtyard. Love.
  • This is where I’m going the night before the opening of the next Carnegie International.
  • This Rozalia Jovanovic Gallerist NY story misses the key part of why/how PR took the art world: PR only has a chance to let money determine what’s important when the absence of expertise and thoughtful, independent reporting creates a vacuum into which PR fluff can step. As I noted last night on Twitter, if there is a rise in art PR, it correlates directly with the decline in art journalism, substantive criticism.
  • Hermann Goering’s art ‘collection’ is now online?
  • The art critic of The New York Times with a boa constrictor draped over her shoulder. [via]
  • MAN Podcast guest Katherine Ball hangs out with MAN Podcast guest Andrea Zittel (same show!).
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