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  • First off: I’m disappointed by the changes the Los Angeles Times has made to its once best-in-class “Culture Monster” blog. It has shortened posts and removed bylines, occasionally making it difficult to see what posts are about. While the LAT’s arts reporting is not what it was when the paper was at its powerhouse peak, the paper still usually covers the arts in a meaningful, less-PR-driven way than other major newspapers. (Though that’s changing too, alas.) The tweaks the LAT has made to Culture Monster are the latest in a series of unfortunate cutbacks and missteps.
  • In the LAT, Leah Ollman features “Meticulosity” at the Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis.
  • Speaking of PR-seeded: The Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch has the first look at the ICA Steven Holl is designing for the highly-ranked art school at Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Odd and narcissistically gimmicky: The Stranger had seven people write very short reviews of this Gary Hill show at the Henry.
  • The Toledo Museum of Art has announced that it and London’s Royal Academy will launch a significant Manet portraiture show this October. Toledo’s Lawrence W. Nichols and the RA’s MaryAnne Stevens are the co-curators. An excellent Manet portrait of childhood friend Antonin Proust (1880, above) is in the TMA’s collection.
  • Scientific American’s Glendon Mellow takes a look at the remarkable “Closer to Van Eyck” website that I spotlighted on The Modern Art Notes Podcast a while back.
  • E.A. Carmean, Jr. takes to the WSJ to expound upon something art historians and journalists have grappled with for eons: Artists often fib.
  • On this week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast: Artist/trickster Cory Arcangel talks about the origins of his techno-tweaks and explains why he embraces failure, such as in Masters (2011), which is now on view in “The Sports Show” at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Download the program, subscribe via iTunes, subscribe via RSS and/or view images of art discussed on the show.
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