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  • Christopher Knight smacks down the speaker of the Missouri state house of representatives, who has commissioned a sculpture of Rush Limbaugh. Epic. And stay for the end, where Knight ties the whole thing up in a most remarkable fashion. Mega-dittos.
  • C-Monster brings us the latest incredibly tacky gift shop that the Philadelphia Museum of Art has assembled for its latest blockbuster show. The latest in one of my favorite long-form photo subjects — ‘tacky PMA gift shop’ should be a pre-set tag in every WordPress template — in all digital publishing.
  • This Chloe Wyma piece on Yelping New York art galleries is pretty entertaining. I imagine that it left a few bloggers wincing, too.
  • A major Katharina Grosse installation is coming to the under-construction Cleveland MOCA, reports the Plain-Dealer’s Steven Litt. [via] I know that men get all those big, splashy, permanent art museum commissions (ahem), but here’s hoping Grosse picks up a few.
  • Joerg Colberg has a nice two-fer on Rineke Dijkstra, the subject of a career survey at SFMOMA. Here’s Colberg’s write-up on Dijkstra and Botticelli and here’s a fascinating little hit on how he had an interesting time finding the, er, right image for his post.
  • Doesn’t Gothic architecture look really, well, Islamic? [via]
  • The Getty just bought a rare drawing by 15thC Florentine master Piero del Pollaiuolo. [Above.] Getty assistant curator of drawings Julian Brooks tells the behind-the-scene story of the museum’s auction purchase, complete with details of auction-style dirty tricks.
  • This is fantastic, and not just because it puts Rick Santorum in context: John Yau breaks down Alec Soth’s hermit pictures on Hyperallergic.
  • This is fantastic, and not just because it puts investment art-bankers in the same place John Yau put Rick Santorum: Felix Salmon cites Gerhard Richter and Diego Velasquez in explaining why the art market is a fool’s game.
  • MOCA’s blog is doing bang-up work on the museum’s upcoming Cai Guo-Qiang show. Wish more museums did this kind of thing around upcoming exhibitions.
  • Jonathan Jones explains what Angelina Jolie’s leg has in common with Renaissance art.
  • Over at PORT, this earth work by Brooklyn-based Rainy Lehrman looks brilliant. And vaguely tiramisu-like.
  • Little moment of happiness for me: The MAN Podcast with Larry Bell prompted MAMFW to take another look at its beautiful (and beautifully installed) Bell — and at the museum’s history with the artist.
  • Each Wednesday afternoon I tweet/Facebook out a little tease about the guest of the following day’s Modern Art Notes Podcast. In a related story, this would be a very, very good week to begin to follow me on Twitter and/or on Facebook.
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