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Steve Roden’s sound for The MAN Podcast

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I hope you’re enjoying The Modern Art Notes Podcast as much as I’m enjoying producing it. If you haven’t checked out this week’s show — which features Mark Bradford as the lead guest — click here to learn how to download it or to subscribe to the program.

One of the elements I’ve been looking forward to adding to the show is a distinct soundprint. Several weeks ago I asked Steve Roden, a top sound artist (and a top artist, period), to ask him if he’d be willing to create the sound for the program.

Roden said yes. As a result, this week The MAN Podcast grows up a little bit: Thanks to Roden, the program doesn’t just sound a little more like a complete program, it sounds great.

You can hear Roden’s track in a couple of ways: Download this week’s show and enjoy the sound throughout the podcast. Don’t miss Roden on the second segment of the show, when he talks about what went into the track.  Hint: It has something to do with that painting up there, Roden’s listen (4’33”), 2002.)

You may also click here to listen to the entire one-minute-plus piece.

Related: Roden’s blog is pretty darn cool. This summer, he’ll be featured in curator Toby Kamps’ “Silence,” an exhibition at the Menil Collection (and later at the Berkeley Art Museum). I reviewed Roden’s 2010 mid-career survey here and here.

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