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Mercedes Benz event coming to MOCA’s Geffen

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A Mercedes Benz-organized event called: “Transmission LA: AV Club curated by Mike D” will fill the scheduling gap left at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary space by the museum’s postponement of the upcoming “Ends of the Earth” exhibition. Mike D is a founding member of the Beastie Boys.

This morning MAN reported that the exhibition’s opening has been delayed from April 8 to May 27 because the museum said it had to do more fundraising. It is extremely unusual for an art museum to delay an exhibition a month before it opens.

Mercedes’s “Transmission LA” will debut at the Geffen on April 19, with a public opening on April 20. It will continue through May 6. The event was announced by Mercedes Benz in February, but its announcement did not include a venue.

MOCA spokesperson Lyn Winter said that there is no relationship between the unusual postponement of “Ends of the Earth” and Mercedes Benz’s interest in the space. The Mercedes event will take place in the Geffen during the period between when the show was scheduled to open and when it will now open.

“We are opening “Ends of the Earth on May 27,” Winter told MAN. “An opportunity to work with a new corporate partner, Mercedes Benz, which is very exciting for the museum, was presented.”

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