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Friday exhib: Keith Haring in Brooklyn

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This week’s Friday exhibition is Keith Haring: 1978-82″ at the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibition, which will be on view through July 8, was curated by Raphaela Platow. The Brooklyn Museum co-organized it with the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, and the Kunsthalle Wien. Karen Rosenberg reviewed the show in this morning’s New York Times.

Keith Haring, Untitled Journal Drawing, 1977.

Keith Haring, Untitled, 1978.

Keith Haring, Untitled, 1980.

Keith Haring, Untitled Drawing, 1982.

Don’t miss the Keith Haring journals Tumblr, which was set up by the Keith Haring Foundation with some help from the Brooklyn Museum. Each day the foundation is publishing a page (or a two-page spread) from Haring’s journals. This page is from 1971, just before Haring started high school.

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