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  • The Frick gave Carol Vogel a sneak-peek at a press release that announces the Frick, the venerable, austere Frick, wants to be more like the High and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, which rent collections from more prestigious museums. Perhaps as a result, Vogel did not raise any difficult questions about the Frick’s move.
  • In the LAT, Liesel Bradner spotlights photographer Maurice Sherif’s new book documenting “The American Wall,” the U.S.-built border fence that separates the United States from Mexico.
  • Sebastian Smee reviewed the DeCordova Biennial. I can’t read it, maybe the paywall/registration/whatever system at the Globe’s website works better for you.
  • In The Stranger, Jen Graves reviews the Tacoma Art Museum’s current exhibition, complete with the subhed, “The 10th Northwest Biennial Asks You To Take Off Your Pants.”
  • NPR’s oh-so-impressive art coverage: Are Jackson Pollock‘s paintings “art?” NPR’s art coverage: A total joke.
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  1. Well, that Pollock piece on NPR is horrible. I just attacked NPR’s comments page.

  2. […] weekend, Tyler Green commented on NPR’s “oh-so-impressive art coverage” [MAN], an atrocious piece of journalism that asks that old and tired question, “Is Jackson Pollock […]

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