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Will there be a Pacific Standard Time II?

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By virtually any measure, the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time initiative has been a hit. It has enabled important new scholarship and it’s pointed the way toward areas of further curatorial and historical inquiry. It has funded at least a dozen major exhibitions to which critics and curators will be referring for years. (Speaking of which: Reviews begin on MAN next week!) At least when I was in the Southland, it filled museum galleries with students, from high school on up.

Pacific Standard Time has been the art world’s anti-Art Basel, an art event built around inquiry and historicization rather than the salesmanship, butt-implant sightings and scenester shindigs that feature ¬†2MANYDJS and a band called “Soulwax.” (In a related story, can someone explain to me why an art museum is throwing that party? I mean, that place was once a shining light on a hill…)

So, will the Getty do it again, will there be some kind of Pacific Standard Time 2.0? For several weeks I’ve been hearing buzz that the Getty is already planning something of the sort. (And no, I’m not talking about the small¬†series of architecture shows the Getty is funding.)

“I think we will do something else,” Getty Foundation director Deborah Marrow told me yesterday. “We don’t know what the something else is and would want to discuss that with our partner institutions.”

I mentioned that the Getty had already plastered the PST logo all over Los Angeles (and, er, this blog post) and that word was that the Getty was planning on maintaining the brand going forward. Marrow said that was correct. “We are reserving the right to use PST with a colon after it and something else,” she said.

While there may be no timeline in place for either a second PST — let alone a year or date picked — a PST II sounds very likely.

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