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  1. Bart Johnson says:

    Jonathan Jones writes absolute rubbish, praising Tracey Emin’s drawing and her appointment to teach drawing at the Royal Academy and describing Hirst as a stand alone comet of the YBAs.

    Comparing Gerhard Richter to Leonardo is standard Jonathan Jones buffoonery. Are you suggesting that you entertain Jones’ cockamamie thinking and writing? Or you’re recommending it?

    You think a person painting photo realistic images and smearing paint with a squeegee has something to do with the paintings and drawings of Leonardo, not to mention the mass of his scientific investigations and writing?

    Here’s a review of a Jonathan Jones review of John Martin:


  2. Bart Johnson says:

    I don’t agree with a lot of Perl’s tastes in art by a long shot. Who agrees with everything? But this book of his is well worth reading for those interested in the New York Art world in the 50s before its disintegration in the 60s.


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