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SFMOMA expansion roundup

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Yesterday the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art released its latest expansion designs. (The new building needs a nickname, perhaps “The Looming Tower,” or “The Cruise Ship.”) The big news is that the museum’s architect, Snøhetta, is proposing the elimination of Mario Botta’s central staircase. Here are the highlights from the news coverage:

  • The museum posted images and more on its own blog, Open Space;
  • The SF Chronicle’s architecture critic John King had smart things to say both in the paper and on Twitter;
  • In the LAT, Christopher Hawthorne says that the staircase-removal “threatens to gut the interior coherence of Botta’s design, turning it into a kind of false front for a Snøhetta-designed museum inside.”
  • Curbed SF calls the design “dazzling.”
  • William Hanley in Architectural Record.
  • SFMOMA director Neal Benezra will be on KQED’s “Forum” program today at 9:30am PST. Click to listen live or to download later.
  • Interesting to me: What matters most in the expansion of an art museum is its spaces for art, its galleries. So far: Little discourse on this at the new SFMOMA. I know it’s hard to see that/etc. in what SFMOMA has provided, but still. That’s 80 percent of what matters.
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