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Introducing The Modern Art Notes Podcast

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I’m pleased to announce the launch of The Modern Art Notes Podcast!

The MAN Podcast will feature artists, art historians, critics, curators and authors. Each program will be pegged to a new exhibition, a new book or to other developments in art. I hope that The MAN Podcast will become a sort of “Fresh Air”-for-art, a weekly program similar in tone and breadth to NPR’s flagship interview program. (Difference: “Fresh Air” is produced by a cast of dozens; The MAN Podcast will be hosted and independently produced by just me.)

The MAN Podcast will be distributed each Thursday. The first program will be available on Nov. 10. You can find it at MANPodcast.com, subscribe to it via RSS feed and on iTunes. In addition, each program will also be available for download and for streaming here on MAN. Both sites will feature images of every artwork discussed during the program. (Nota bene: iTunes reviews all new podcasts for approval. This means that iTunes availability of the first program will necessarily lag the other venues by a day or two. As soon as a link to iTunes is available, I’ll share it here. After this initial delay, the program will be available via iTunes at the same time as everywhere else.)

I’m also making the podcast available to museums and other institutions via a Creative Commons license. Any museum or school that would like to distribute the MAN Podcast to its audience is welcome to contact me for more information.

I’m particularly thrilled to announce that my first guest will be artist Chris Burden.

A star of the Getty-funded Pacific Standard Time series of exhibitions and related scholarship — only John Baldessari and Ed Ruscha are included in more PST shows — Burden is one of our most important artists. His Urban Light (2008) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is arguably America’s most popular public artwork. Later this fall, LACMA will open a second major Burden installation: Metropolis II (which is on a 10-year loan to the institution from a private collector). In 2008 Burden installed What My Dad Gave Me, a six-story sculptural installation commissioned by the Public Art Fund, at Rockefeller Center in 2008. He has been the subject of several retrospective exhibitions, including in 1988 at the Newport Harbor Art Museum, and at the MAK-Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna in 1996. [Image at right via Flickr user Kevin Stanchfield.]

Each week I’ll create a new banner that incorporates the artwork of The MAN Podcast’s lead guest. This week’s banner features Burden’s The Big Wheel (1979), a motorcycle-driven sculpture that you have to see to believe. The Big Wheel is in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

The first program will also feature Baltimore Museum of Art curator Kristen Hileman. Since the BMA has commissioned Sarah Oppenheimer to create a major new installation for the museum, Hileman and I will conduct a sports-style, ‘draft’-driven discussion of what each of us thinks are the best long-term artist commissions or projects in American art museums.

The first MAN Podcast goes live in seven days. I hope you’ll enjoy the program!

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  1. Ryan says:

    Congratulations, Tyler!

    Your work and more importantly the passion your work exhibits is inspiring.

    Is there any way you could include a sound recording of Burden’s “Metropolis II”? Chances are, I won’t make it to LA to see the piece, but I’d like to hear just how loud it is.

    Good luck and again, congrats!

  2. Tyler Green says:

    Not sure. The video will be up on MAN & MANPodcast.com next week though!

  3. Amelia says:

    Where can we find it on iTunes?

  4. Tyler Green says:

    It’ll be there probably about 48 hours after it goes live here. Apple reviews all new podcasts, so it’s pretty much impossible to launch on iTunes at the same time as everywhere else…

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  6. Stephen says:

    Great idea! Art is badly under-represented in podcasting.

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  9. Kelly S. says:

    Well Done, Tyler & congrats! My experience of Podcasts in the past is the they have really imspired/fueled some great conversations and research topics. No doubt MAN will do the same. Looking forward to the inaugural episode!

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