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Friday exhibition: The return of “Hide/Seek”

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With “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture” popping up at the Brooklyn Museum, the focus has been on the Catholic right’s attempt to manufacture controversy. The Brooklyn Museum itself has been happy to stoke that fire, sending out press releases that refer to the “controversial” show and that offer photos of VIPs at the opening party. Blech.

Well, back to the art. When “Hide/Seek” opened at the National Portrait Gallery last year, I wrote a three-part review. Instead of running images for the ‘Friday exhibition’ today (click here for Ben Davis’ compilation of JPEGs), I wanted to re-publish those posts. I hope they hold up pretty well:

Also, the catalogue for the exhibition (cover above)  is highly recommended.

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  1. wm says:

    I understand your ‘Blech’ comment but nothing about how it takes some courage from the Brooklyn Museum to mount this show?

  2. Tyler Green says:

    Because it takes no courage to host this, an important, scholarly show. However, it took an enormous amount of cowardice for institutions to NOT take this show when it was first offered as a (potentially) traveling exhibition.

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