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  1. greg.org says:

    thanks for the mention.

    Mastergram certainly deserves credit [sic] for the concept, and for Instagramming the Gursky in the first place, but that photo only has 10 or so likes and reblogs, which is pretty small in terms of tumblr.

    But Mastergram also got a lot of high-traffic coverage outside tumblr, from Petapixel and Kottke. So either they drove a bunch of traffic to/thru Mastergram, or maybe even the mildest attention on a Tumblr can result in [relatively] big traffic shifts on a museum site.

    It’d be tricky, and the PR scamming would be intense, but it’d be interesting to track down and explain spikes of attention/interest in particular artworks at any given time. Sort of the inverse of 3rd of May.

    So if you’d get right on that, I’ll go back to not finishing the work I’m supposed to be doing.

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