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1.) I think John Elderfield’s upcoming Willem de Kooning retrospective at MoMA will have lots of great moments, but I’m most looking forward to seeing the great Woman (1948, at right) hanging in what I hope will be proximity to the great Woman I (1950-52.) The latter is almost universally considered to be de Kooning’s greatest and most important Woman, but I’m not so sure…

2.) Over the last couple of weeks I’ve re-read two de Kooning books in preparation for the MoMA show: The Mark Stevens-Annalyn Swan biography and Susan E. Lake’s conservation study of de Koonings (mostly) in the Hirshhorn’s best-in-the-world de Kooning collection. Anyone planning on spending serious time with the exhibition will find each book invaluable.

3.) Just judging from my email and my Twitter feed, the most-anticipated show of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time initiative isn’t in Los Angeles, it’s in San Diego: “Phenomenal, California Light, Space and Surface,” a Hugh Davies and Robin Clark-curated survey of, well, California Light and Space. It’s the one I most hope to see too.

4.) It’s a good season for books about art too. I’m looking forward to seeing: The catalogue of Leon Golub’s ongoing Reina Sofia retrospective, an exhibition which did not/is not coming to the United States; the catalogue for the Vija Celmins retrospective that was at the Ludwig Museum this summer; this forthcoming monograph of Max Beckmann landscapes (exhibition: Basel Kunstmuseum); “The Air We Breathe: Artists and Poets Reflect on Marriage Equality,” the Apsara DiQuinzio-edited book out of which the forthcoming SFMOMA exhibition sprang; and the Christopher Bedfored-edited catalogue for the Elliot Hundley exhibition at the Wexner.

5.) I think I’ve never heard less buzz for two large, nearly concurrent Warhol exhibitions than there is(n’t) forĀ “Warhol: Headlines” at the National Gallery of Art and Andy Warhol: Shadows” at the Hirshhorn.

5a.) Thank goodness fall is almost here!

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  1. L.C.M. says:

    I know I think the de Kooning exhibition will be fantastic. The body-crushing crowds that will also think it fantastic? Not so fun.

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