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“Brian Ulrich” at the Cleveland Museum of Art

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This week’s Friday exhibition feature is “Brian Ulrich: Copia — Retail, Thrift, and Dark Stores, 2000-11″ on view now at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The show features 50 works through which Ulrich examines American retail spaces. It was curated by Tom Hinson, the CMA’s curator emeritus. The exhibition is accompanied by a 144-page, Aperture-published book titled, “Is This Great or What?” Brian Ulrich’s website is here.

Brian Ulrich, Pep Boys 3, 2009.

Brian Ulrich, Granger, IN, 2003.

Brian Ulrich, Kenosha, WI, 2003.

Brian Ulrich, Black River Falls, WI, 2006.

Brian Ulrich, Cleveland, OH, 2003.

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  1. Peteykins says:

    Well, he’s no Andreas Gursky, but A for effort.

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