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  1. Stephen says:

    For more about Tomi Ungerer’s adult side, check out this entry from long-time animation director Gene Deitch:

  2. Beth E. says:

    Regarding the MassMOCA bike initiative–more power to ‘em!! The conversation reported in the blog post, to the effect that MassMOCA is ‘always looking for ways to get visitors to see the rest of the town’ is refreshing, and utterly the opposite of, for example, DIA:Beacon’s example. At DIA, they’re quite happy that one can walk to the museum from the MetroNorth train stop, see the museum, and walk right back for the southbound to NYC. The bike idea probably wouldn’t work as well there–it’s a pretty big hill up to Main Street from the museum–but the institutional imperatives are clearly quite different, in any event.

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