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Indy officialdom has its art priorities wrong

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It is odd and disappointing that Indianapolis officialdom is rallying around this even as it conspired to endanger the most important public artwork proposed in America in many years. The mayor’s office has picked the wrong art to care most about.

This speaks to many failures: Failures by the project’s funder and organizer to follow through on its promises, to a lack of art journalism in Indianapolis which allowed the Fred Wilson-project’s opponents to gain traction by defining the artwork in a factually questionable manner and so on. But mostly it’s sad.

Update: In Indy alt-weekly Nuvo, David Hoppe has a smart take on the two situations.

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  1. John Lenting says:

    When things get tough, the tough cave in, in Indy anyway, unfortunate and very sad, but as always Art & Artist get the short end of the stick. The crowd in Indy is more into sports and a statue of “Peyton Manning” is a strong reality, sad, sad

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