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  • Welcome back. Our continued apologies for the technology issues that have kept you from MAN for most of the last three or four days (and which have kept me from accessing the site’s back-end at all). The good folks at Artinfo HQ tell me that MAN should be back to normal today, and that ‘normal’ should stick this time. However, as of this posting I still can’t upload images, so look for a links post this afternoon. Tomorrow: German Expressionism at MoMA.
  • This is the 49th anniversary of the debut of Andy Warhol‘s ‘Campbell’s Soup Cans’ paintings. MOCA has reunited them for the first time since their premiere. Christopher Knight floats a theory as to why Warhol picked soup cans.
  • The MFA Boston is pairing Roy Lichtenstein and Claude Monet, and Globe critic Sebastian Smee has observed disaster.
  • Perversion and chicanery — oh my! — via The Stranger’s Jen Graves.
  • Last week MAN reported on the emergence of a new, non-Dia bidder for the Spiral Jetty-site lease. The Salt Lake Tribune’s Glen Warchol followed that post with a story initially loaded with errors. (The paper quietly fixed only some of them online, apparently without running corrections). Warchol also seemed to think that Epic Brewing’s Spiral Jetty IPA has something do with all this. It does not. Finally — and usefully — Warchol seems to have one new detail: There is a third bidder for the site lease. The story has no details on the third party.
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  1. I saw the Monet/Lichtenstein at the MFA on Sunday, then went home and read Sebastian Smee about it. He’s absolutely right about the installation. That is the worst gallery space in the MFA, and there is no way to compare the works without making yourself dizzy turning around and around. A better arrangement would have been to place them all on one wall, perhaps Monet/Lichtenstein/Monet/etc., and leave the other wall empty. I suspect there is no way to get a really satisfactory installation in that cramped space.

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