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Weekend roundup

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  • The Washington Metro system — that’s our subway — has unveiled a Sam Gilliam commission at its Takoma Metro station and DCist has the details (and picture).
  • The Art Institute of Chicago gave an early peek at a press release on its new Rauschenberg to the NYT’s Carol Vogel, who¬†published it… and then promptly failed to tap the single most interesting source of information on the painting.
  • In the LAT, Holly Myers profiles artist Scoli Acosta, who employs what he calls the “aesthetics of resourcefulness” in his work.
  • A week or two ago I noted that Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe art critic Sebastian Smee has a new blog. I also noted that the Globe web team had made it difficult to access — and so difficult to access that I couldn’t open it. All fixed.
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  1. Peteykins says:

    I love Sam Gilliam, but… ugh. That thing looks like oversized hotel art. I’ll have to see it in person.

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