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Spiral Jetty lease update: DNR decision is near

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Yesterday I told my Twitter followers that Dia is in sit-tight-and-wait mode when it comes to the Utah Department of Natural Resources decision on Dia’s expired Spiral Jetty lease. As MAN reported on June 9, there is a dispute between the DNR and Dia as to whether or not Dia’s lease for the land on which Spiral Jetty sits is up-to-date. At the time, Dia executive director Philippe Vergne told MAN that he hoped that Utah would resolve the situation in Dia’s favor as soon as close-of-business the next day. [Image: Spiral Jetty via Flickr user heidikins.com.]

Late yesterday afternoon, a DNR spokesperson told MAN that a lease decision may be imminent.

“There were some discussions on a final decision [Wednesday],” DNR spokesperson Jason Curry said. “I have not heard the outcome, but I’m hoping I can have an announcement in the next 48 hours.”

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