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Francis Alÿs gives it away (sort of)

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This week I’ll be featuring a number of posts on the Museum of Modern Art’s presentation of Francis Alÿs, “A Story of Deception.” The exhibition is on view in Manhattan and at PS1 in Queens until Aug. 1. (More later on MoMA’s splitting the exhibition between two venues.) It’s a kind of a New York follow-up-plus-acquisitions-presentation of the Hammer Museum’s 2007 Alÿs show, “A Politics of Rehearsal.”

It’s possible that no film/video-installation heavy contemporary art exhibition has ever been as extensively available online as is “A Story of Deception.” (Readers?) That’s because Alÿs has made many of his media works available for viewing online, under this Creative Commons license. The website Alÿs has put up — francisalys.com — features two sections. One is for works visitors may download, view or even distribute through their own devices. The other is for works which can be viewed only at Alÿs’ website. Sixteen of the works in the MoMA show are available in the Creative Commons-licensed section of Alÿs’ site and three more are available for streaming online.

For example, click here to view a full-screen version of When Faith Moves Mountains (making of) (2002). I’ll discuss this piece on MAN tomorrow. [Image at left: Alÿs, Untitled from When Faith Moves Mountains (2002). Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.]

Also: Many, many images of non-video pieces (such as photo-documented works) are available via MoMA’s typically thorough exhibition website.

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  1. Sascha says:

    Interesting to have this up at the same time as Trecartin’s show… another artist who makes his videos available online… [Ed.: Here they are.]

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