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  • Jonathan Jones explains who the Coptic Christians are and why they’re important to mankind.
  • Farm Security Administration photographer shot some of the project’s few color negatives slides in Pie Town, NM. The place is still there — it’s best-known among artfolk as a semi-gateway to Walter De Maria’s Lightning Field — and it’s the subject of a new photo-essay (or is it?…) by Debbie Grossman on view recently at Julie Saul Gallery. See and read more in this presentation on The Morning News, where Nozlee Samadzadeh interviews Grossman.
  • Christopher Knight still thinks that the Getty erred in keeping its Trust presidency separate from its museum directorship. He’s right.
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  1. Jeff Martin says:

    Re: FSA photos; Russell Lee shot the pictures, which were Kodachrome slides, not negatives. And there were about 1600 color photographs shot by FSA photographers,including John Vachon, Jack Delano, and Marion Post Wolcott. (“Few” compared to the 175,000 or so b/w FSA photos, I admint.)

    You can check out all of them here:


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