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Paper: Milwaukee Art Museum also punts on Ai

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Yesterday I featured a Q&A with Virginia Museum of Fine Arts director Alex Nyerges, whose museum announced a staff exchange and exhibition exchange with the Palace Museum in Beijing last Saturday, just as China’s detention of artist Ai Weiwei hit the seven-week mark. Among the questions I asked Nyerges was whether his museum considered whether it was appropriate for an American museum to cut deals with the Chinese government when it was imprisoning artists.

This just in: In today’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Mary Louise Schumacher put similar questions to the Milwaukee Art Museum, which is hostingĀ a loan show from the Palace Museum starting June 11. Don’t miss her story, which includes informative links, a comprehensive look at MAM’s approach to Ai’s detention (or lack thereof), MAM director Dan Keegan’s shameful unwillingness to talk with Schumacher about the issue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s don’t ask us! apparent squeamishness and smart observations from Artinfo’s Ben Davis. Art journalism should be like this more often.

Related: See how the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego isĀ responding to Ai’s detention.

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