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Lewis Baltz on painting: Richard Estes

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Lewis Baltz, Italian Food, 1976. From the book “Lewis Baltz: Prototypes” published by the Art Institute of Chicago and Steidl.

Richard Estes, The Candy Store, 1969. Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Richard Estes, Qualicraft Shoes/Chinese Lady, 1974. Collection of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Previously: MAN reviews Baltz at the NGA + the related publication from the Art Institute of Chicago and Steidl: In part one, I discussed Baltz and landscape. In part two, I discussed Baltz and his riffs on painting.

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  1. The two Baltz Sausalito photos you showed previously remind me of Josef Albers.

  2. by John Lenting

    Cannot comment on Mr. Baltz not really familiar with his publications/books on art/artists. I do know that Richard Estes was a very accomplished “Super Realist” painter and a forerunner in the sixties and seventees and put “Super Realism” on the map along with a handful of his colleagues.

  3. [...] “Prototypes” and its relationship to contemporary painting such as the work of Barnett Newman or Richard Estes; [...]

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