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A comfortable best practice

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Some people fly through galleries of art as if museums or galleries are a train station and they have to catch the 11:35. I’m a little more leisurely. I prefer to take my time, to spend a few moments with as many paintings as I can. So I appreciate the museum that does this:

That picture shows an invitation, an invitation to sit and look.

Here is another. These invitations, more commonly known as “chairs” are sprinkled throughout the galleries at the Toledo Museum of Art. I rather enjoyed sitting and looking. More museums should offer such.

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  1. Kate O'Neill says:

    I really like the singular chair that invites you to engage with the work for a while. There are really great benches in the National Gallery. I visited with my parents a couple of summers ago, and although many of the other Smithsonian museums were a total circus, the National Gallery was peaceful and quiet. It was the perfect place to sit, enjoy the air-conditioning and talk about the art — kind of a rare thing to pull off, as I’m really the museum person in the family.

  2. Dennis Wade says:

    I want to remember what I saw on my visit. That’s why I stroll around until I find that one piece where description starts pouring out of my head and leads into some interpretatrion. Then after 45 min. or so I head out for a smoke break and back to the same piece but from a different angle and let myself just be.
    One visit to a museum means I saw one piece.

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