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  • Today is the final day of voting in the round of 16 in MAN’s Art Madness II. Scroll down or click here to vote!
  • New research conducted at Utah State University reveals that sky-high mercury levels in the Great Salt Lake and how they move through the lake’s ecosystem continue to puzzle researchers. The mercury levels impact birds and brine shrimp in the lake, especially in the northern section, which is home to Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty. Smithson loved the blood-red color that the brine shrimp added to his masterpiece. The new information shows that the brine shrimp in the upper-mixed layer of the lake have higher levels of mercury than other shrimp in the lake, which may have long-term impacts for waterfowl and for the shrimp themselves (and the Jetty too).
  • The latest on the as-yet-unpublished catalogue for MoMA’s “Picasso: Guitars 1912-1914″ exhibition: The museum says it will be its first digitally published catalogue. The format is TBD. The ‘publication’ date is TBD. The platform is TBD. Curator Anne Umland’s presentation to the museum’s publications committee is still a few weeks away. My unjustified fear: Here’s a show that should generate major scholarship, and so far everything related to such is unclear. It would be a shame and a problem if scholarship is a casualty of any museum(s)’ belt-tightening.
  • It’s the opening day of baseball season. Stop by MAN’s Tumblr “3rd of May” for some some surprising baseball-related art. First up: the image above, a watercolor by…
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  1. Roger Parodi says:

    The Picasso Guitar catalog unpublished? It’s been available on Amazon for several weeks.

  2. Tyler Green says:

    That’s just a place-holder booklet so the museum can have something in the store. There’s a real scholarly catalogue coming, we hope.

  3. […] richest exhibitions. Alas, MoMA has yet to produce a related scholarly publication, though it has nebulously promised some kind of as-yet-undefined digital e-publication. I’m hoping for a project update soon. […]

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