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Guggenheim joins the ‘top 10 collection’ meme

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Two weeks ago MAN featured the top ten most-viewed collection works at four art museums. In response, several other art museums have been posting their ten most-viewed works. The Guggenheim’s list is especially interesting. (More Eiffel Tower than I’d have expected…) Check it out here. [Image: Richard Serra, Torqued Spiral (Closed Open Closed Open Closed), 2003. Collection of Guggenheim Bilbao.]

Related: MAN’s top tens: MoMA, Metropolitan, Art Institute of Chicago, SFMOMA. Indianapolis Museum of Art adds a cool twist.

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  1. Hi there, here is our list for your latest top ten blog segment:

    1. Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, Lucretia, 1666, http://www.artsmia.org/viewer/detail.php?v=12&id=529

    2. Gerrit van Honthorst, The Denial of St. Peter, c. 1623, http://www.artsmia.org/viewer/detail.php?v=12&id=1886

    3. Vincent van Gogh, Olive Trees, 1889, http://www.artsmia.org/viewer/detail.php?v=12&id=1218

    4. René Magritte, The Promenades of Euclid, 1955, http://www.artsmia.org/viewer/detail.php?v=12&id=1670

    5. Titian, The Temptation of Christ, c. 1516-1525, http://www.artsmia.org/viewer/detail.php?v=12&id=10424

    6. Chuck Close, Frank, 1969, http://www.artsmia.org/viewer/detail.php?v=12&id=1721

    7. Marc Chagall, The Poet with the Birds, 1911, http://www.artsmia.org/viewer/detail.php?v=12&id=1427

    8. Egon Schiele, Portrait of Paris von Gütersloh (1887-1973), 1918, http://www.artsmia.org/viewer/detail.php?v=12&id=10219

    9. Hans Ledwinka, Ringhoffer-Tatra-Werke AG, Tatra T87 four-door sedan, 1948 (designed 1936), http://www.artsmia.org/viewer/detail.php?v=12&id=98653

    10. Assyrian, Winged Genius, c. 883-859 B.C., http://www.artsmia.org/viewer/detail.php?v=12&id=611

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