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Video art + minor league hockey = win

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As a Washington Capitals season-ticket holder, I find myself frequently bored by the way the team is playing right now the same old intermission entertainment: Look, it’s the human puck race. Look, it’s some kind of obstacle course that people are supposed to run around. Whee.

Perhaps the folks at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Maine College of Art were similarly bored, because they convinced the American Hockey League’s Portland Pirates (the Buffalo Sabres’ minor-league affiliate) to show video art before and at the intermissions of three upcoming games. This is exactly the kind of thing a clever ICA-style gallery/museum should be doing: Finding funky new ways to provide people with access to art in ways that gives everyone involved an opportunity to discover something new and interesting. Here’s the ICA/Pirates upcoming art + hockey schedule:

  • March 1st vs. Worcester: Graeme Patterson’s Ten Point Game (above, also on YouTube; narrated by Darryl Sittler);
  • March 5th vs. Bridgeport: Jen DeNike’s Air Hockey; and
  • March 6th vs. Springfield: Annika Larsson’s HOCKEY.

Now if only we could get the MCA’s ICA to program intermissions at Caps games…

(Meanwhile, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery should be mightily and further ashamed of itself.)

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  1. Matt says:

    this is brilliant

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